A beautiful and comfortable base from which to explore rural life in the heart of India.


Nestled at the foot of the Maikal Hills, Sunny Upadhyay's Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat, in district Kabirdham, is a three hour drive from the modern city of Raipur, a journey that takes one gently rolling back in time. 




In Sunny's enthusiastic hands you will go on treks, take cycle rides and visit villages where many aspects of life have not changed for hundreds of years. 

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The retreat itself is a sensitively designed farmhouse style plot with a well wooded garden, home to birds and butterflies and frogs and flowers.

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Your hosts


BJR is jointly hosted by Sunny and his Swiss wife Sabrina.

Sunny was born in nearby Kawardha, and fulfilled his dream of building a rural home-stay in the temple village of Bhoramdeo back in 2003. There is a joie de vivre about Sunny that is gloriously infectious: village tours in his knowledgeable and capable hands are both fun and fascinating. He is acutely attuned to the joys and hardships of village and forest life, and works hard to protect and support the vulnerable people amongst whom he lives.

Sabrina joined the team in 2013 and we can't imagine life before she came. She has brought an extra layer of style and comfort to BJR, accompanies guests on bicycle rides and walks, and makes the best banana cake in Central India.


Social Responsibility


Sunny and the team work with local NGO Samerth, which is supported by the Bristol based water charity FRANK water to help secure the most precious resource for all, water. We offer a week long holiday that includes a two day trek visiting Samerth supported villages. Go to www.holidaysinruralindia.com for more details.